Biodynamic preps with    stone hunter

This Playshop will introduce participants to the basics of Biodynamics and the hands-on how-to of stirring and application of biodynamic preparations.

Stone Hunter is a biodynamic farming practitioner and consultant at Sustainable Settings Ranch in Carbondale, Colorado.

Born and raised at Sunrise Ranch, Stone attended River Song Waldorf School and later graduated from the International Baccalaureate program in Fort Collins, Colorado. After attending Evergreen State College and working on permaculture-based projects in Costa Rica and Panama, he began farming in 2013 at Happy Heart Farm in Fort Collins. In 2015, Stone began working at Sustainable Settings, where he completed a two-year North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program training with experience in dairy cattle operations, holistic grazing, grain cultivation, draft horse implementation, stone masonry, CSA gardening, green construction, natural beekeeping and more. Along with a passion for Biodynamics, he enjoys riding unicycles, juggling, slack-lining and high-lining.